Miss. AG Jim Hood says gun ruling not statewide

by: David Codrea

via: Examiner.com

Miss. AG Hood says Kidd ruling does not extend to entire state.
Miss. AG Hood says Kidd ruling does not extend to entire state.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has issued clarifying statements about a ruling by Hinds Country Circuit Court Judge Winston Kidd preventing a law redefining “concealed” weapons from taking effect, the Daily Journal is reporting today.

Hood now maintains the ruling clarifies “Mississippi as a state where people can openly carry a weapon doesn’t apply outside the judge’s Hinds County jurisdiction,” the report states.

“I do not believe that the injunction would prevent someone outside Hinds County, who was openly carrying a weapon, from using the statute as a defense,” the report quotes the Attorney General. “In other words, the judge’s decision would only prevent Hinds County residents from availing themselves of the defenses contained in the new law.”

The extent of Kidd’s ruling has been a topic of confusion and controversy, including in reports filed in this column, and Hood acknowledges a decision by the state Supreme Court is needed to clear it up “and end this matter.”


Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/miss-ag-hood-says-gun-ruling-not-statewide?CID=examiner_alerts_article

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