“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”.

- Reverend Martin Luther King

In July of 1987, I remember standing in a room full of my fellow cohorts, all of us were equal parts of nervous & thrilled for what we were about to experience. We all raised our right hand, and swore an oath to protect & defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies, both foreign & domestic. The shining look of grim determination on all our faces is a memory I will never forget. We spoke amongst ourselves and realized ideas such as honor and patriotism (which in today’s world is considered “un-fashionable”) was not only alive and well in that very room, we vowed to carry the torch of Liberty into the future.

Throughout my 12 years of military service, I decided it was time for me to leave my military career for greater horizons . Not for a changing of my priorities mind you, but it became more and more difficult to support the political leaders who directed the military. As I reflected on my oath of honor, the old adage became apparent to me; “you can take the man out of the Army, but you can’t take the Army out of the man”.

Fast forward to 2013, it has gone from difficult to impossible for me to offer my support to today’s political “leadership”…The America that I love & vowed to protect is swiftly fading into oblivion. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantee’s “We The People” have not only the Right to keep and bear arms, but more importantly, the obligation. The ugly reality is, our elected officials have been continually voting against the will of the people, while blatantly usurping the power away from America’s founding values.

Our Founding Fathers endowed ‘we the people’ with the specific responsibility of safeguarding the rights and freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution. As the current occupier of our White House travels the world bowing to world leaders while declaring “America is no longer a Christian Nation”, Obama (and his fellow political hacks) are running roughshod over our Constitution and steadily tearing down the foundations of our way of life that gave America her greatness.

“We The People” have seem to have forgotten (and have taken  for granted) something extremely important. Whether or not our friends and family agree, Americans are on the verge of losing something very precious, our liberties. Considering the laundry list of treasonous acts perpetrated by the US government & the deafening silent response of the collective population is why I have chosen to exercise my Constitutional rights as an American citizen & form the Citizens Militia of Mississippi (CMM respectively).

Citizens Militia of Mississippi believe we have a duty and the moral obligation to uphold the same oath service members swear to. We owe the same allegiance to our children, families, communities AND to America. The time has come for Americans to stand up and remind our elected political officials SERVE THE PEOPLE, not the other way around. We must unite & rise up for the freedoms and rights our Constitution have bestowed upon us. We will no longer be silent to the tyranny destroying our great nation.

Knowing full well, groups such as Citizens Militia of Mississippi are being monitored by the wide spectrum of liberal funded legal organizations (you know who you are), I say this: The American people will NEVER SUBMIT TO TYRANNY. Republican and Democratic politicians who vote against their constituents for their own personal agenda$ should sit up and take note. Americans, in general, are both compassionate and peaceful peoples. However, when we are expected to go along with legislative decisions, made on our own behalf by those we elect, which purposely run contrary to our beliefs, push us beyond a logical and civilized breaking point, our wrath is swift & formidable. The American People will no longer be silent. Why? Because America was founded By the People and For The People. We will not stand idly by and watch elected officials shred our God given rights piece by piece.

God Bless America


Yours Sincerely,

Robert Mitchell

Lt Col., Commanding

Citizens Militia of Mississippi

18 thoughts on “WORDS FROM COMMANDER

  1. Colonel, I support and defend and indeed applaud your efforts, sir. Watch your back down there. Traitors abound in my former home. However, they remain far outnumbered by true Patriots and fellows of a like mind as yours. You’ll know them by their actions, not their words.
    Cpt. Jera Anderson
    U.S. Army, Retired
    Hiltons, VA.

    • Cpt Anderson,
      Thank you for your kind words and your service to America. Indeed, patriots outnumber by traitors by far…If we remember the old adage, “your enemies come with smiles”, we should be ok…Always best to stay on our toes just in case, lol…


  2. I dont see you guys doing anything. NOTHING, NADDA, 0 , ZILCH .. All talk you just have a club to make your selfs feel better .. .

    • thank you for your kind wishes..we are VERY excited to receive support from the state of Mississippi on our approved Non for profit status of 501(c)(3)…We encourage you to join us at our public meetings, field trainings, etc…
      Like anything worth while, one step at a time…

  3. Well played Sir, Frank you already know everything don’t you, I bet I couldn’t tell you grass is green without you saying, no, no, no, its not its not green! It’s Persian green!

    Dude go get YOUR brush and comb your shih tzu.

    “cockroaches everywhere” -Uncle Ted

    • is that supposed to be a comment or a call for help? please refrain from hostility or don’t bother saying anything…Remember, if you cannot say something nice, don’t say anything at all…didn’t your mother teach you anything?

      • really now? “call for help” I wasn’t even talking to you. You refrain from hostility. You just said, “please refrain from hostility or don’t bother saying anything”, “didn’t your mother teach you anything?” How do you know that my mother is still alive? You wanna bring mama into this, what are we 12 again?

        hos·til·i·ty noun \hä-ˈsti-lə-tē\ : an unfriendly or hostile state, attitude, or action

        hostilities : acts of fighting in a war
        plural hos·til·i·ties
        Full Definition of HOSTILITY
        1a : deep-seated usually mutual ill will b (1) : hostile action (2) plural : overt acts of warfare : war
        2: conflict, opposition, or resistance in thought or principle

        Frank said, “I dont see you guys doing anything. NOTHING, NADDA, 0 , ZILCH .. All talk you just have a club to make your selfs feel better ..”

        I think that was kinda a pessimistic thing to say, I’m sorry for not being able to hold back, just never really had alot of patience for people like you and frank.

        CMM is what America needs. We need a Militia in every county. Frank struck a cord with me, thanks for taking up for him.

      • CMM is Mississippi’s first Non For Profit Militia approved by the state of Mississippi. We are not a club, gang or biker club…we are a corporate business set up w a military structure…any question you OR Frank may have, please visit ‘About Us’…

    • thank you for your interest…feel free to sign up for our newsletter…http://citizensmilitiaofmississippi.com/official_membership
      remain vigilant

    • Thank you for your efforts, together we can survive this…CMM is a dedicated group of individuals who Love America and our way of life…CMM believes in the values of America being a melting pot…heck, when you think about it, we are all blends of cultures who came to America for a better life, and we are not focused on denying that privilege to others, however, we will never submit to evil…we will remain firm in our convictions and, even though some (Liberals) cannot handle the truth, we have hard cold facts on what is taking place in our back yard…and that is what we face…united we stand
      God Bless America

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